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10:00 am

Title Condition
Above and Below, Near and Far Bundle good
Dinosaur Island (Like New) and Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid (In Shrink) (edition: 1) excellent
Dominion bundle (edition: Big box with prosperity and alchemy. Intrigue, guilds, seaside in separate boxes) (published: 2010) excellent
Dungeon Lords: Happy Anniversary box excellent
Encyclopedia (edition: Kickstarter) (published: 2022) excellent
Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar & Expansions Bundle (edition: Kickstarter edition with new, shrinkwrapped Treasure Trove, Wreck of the Crimson Cutlass, Last Adventurer, Crouching Tiger, Bees) (published: 2018) excellent
Five Tribes (English - New in Shrink) and Artisans of Naqala Expansion (French - New in Shrink) excellent
Honey Buzz + Custom Insert & Deluxe Components excellent
Imperial Settlers Empires of the North with Egyptian Kings, Roman Banners, and Wrath of the Lighthouse expansions; sleeved cards excellent
Lords of Waterdeep (edition: Includes Scoundrels of Skullport and a wooden organizer.) excellent
Marvel Bundle: Marvel Villainous, Dice Throne Marvel - 4 Hero Box & Marvel Zombies Heroes Resistance (edition: Villainous & Dice Throne both have some decks still sealed) excellent
Mice and Mystics + expansions (published: Various) excellent
Paperback Adventures - Core + 3 characters (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
Rampage (edition: 1st) (published: 2013) good
Suburbia (w/ Suburbia Inc; Suburbia 5 Star; & Broken Token Insert) (edition: First) good
Tang Garden + Ghost Stories exp. + Golden Age exp. + Herbalist, Wayfarer, Apricot Tree, Swan + Extra Sleeves (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 (edition: 1st) excellent
Transmissions Kickstarter edition with robot mini figures (edition: Kickstarter edition) excellent

11:00 am

Title Condition
A Feast for Odin with Norwegians Expansion (edition: English, with Expansion) excellent
Age of Steam (published: 2001) excellent
Anachrony: Infinity Box (edition: English; Kickstarter) (published: 2020) excellent
Ark Nova (edition: English) excellent
Betrayal at House on the Hill w/ Widow's Walk Expansion & 3D printed organizer (published: 2004) good
Castles of Burgundy (Anniversary Edition) (edition: 20th Anniversary) (published: 2019) excellent
CO2: Second Chance (edition: Stronghold English) (published: 2018) excellent
Cosmic Encounter + Cosmic Eons, Incursion, Conflict, Alliance, Dominion, Storm in Broken Token Crate (edition: In Broken Token crate with organizer) excellent
Dead of Winter (includes Broken Token Organizer) (edition: First Edition) good
Everdell Collector's Edition (edition: Collectors Edition) (published: 2018) excellent
Expanse Board Game good
Fury of Dracula - 4th Edition (edition: Fourth Edition (Painted Minis)) excellent
Great Western Trail (original edition) + all original expansions + promos [All in original box, no expansion box] (edition: Original Eggertspiele edition, plus original Rails to the North expansion, plus Poker Table and 13th building promos. Sleeved.) good
Mystic Vale Bundle (edition: Includes Mana storm and Value of Magic expansions) excellent
Nemesis Lockdown (published: 2022) excellent
Obsession plus Wessex expansion (published: 2018, 2018) excellent
Orleans w/ Invasions + Trade & Intrigue expansions excellent

12:00 pm

Title Condition
Cosmic Encounters with every expansion (published: 2008) good
Nemo's War - Ultimate Edition (edition: The Ultimate Edition combines all expansion content, including the Journey's End Expansion.) excellent
Pfister Bundle: Boonlake-Cloud Age excellent
Power Plants (edition: Deluxe Kickstarter Edition) (published: 2022) excellent
Prêt-à-Porter (New in shrink) (edition: English 3rd Edition) (published: 2019) excellent
Race for the Galaxy, The Gathering Storm, Rebel vs. Imperium, The Brink of War excellent
Rallyman GT plus Team Challenge (x2) and World Tour expansion, set of GT4, GT5, and GT6 car packs (published: 2018) excellent
Shadows over Camelot (published: 2005-2012) excellent
Small World + Crate + Underworld, Sky Islands, Realms, Tunnels, Spider's Web, River World, Great Danes, Necromancer Island (edition: In Broken Token crate with organizer) excellent
Star Trek Ascendancy (published: 2016) excellent
Star Wars: Rebellion (includes Rise of the Empire expansion) excellent
Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition Kickstarter Collector's Edition with recessed player boards, promo cards, and art card sleeves (edition: Kickstarter Collector's Edition) excellent
The 7th continent plus Path of Repentance, Fear the Devourers, Facing the Elements expansions (published: 2017) excellent
The Networks (w/ all expansions and kickstarter exclusive pieces) excellent
The Pursuit of Happiness Big Box (edition: Kickstarter with all in pledge - NIS) excellent
Tidal Blades + Angler's Cove Expansion (incl Game Trayz, Kickstarter Upgraded Pieces, and Hardcover Art/Lore Book (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
Too Many Bones core game excellent
Townsfolk Tussle (edition: 1) excellent

1:00 pm

Title Condition
1960: The Making of the President (edition: 2nd) (published: 2007) excellent
A Few Acres of Snow (published: 2011) excellent
Aeon's End: Legacy (NIB) (edition: 1) (published: 2020) excellent
Android: Netrunner - 2x 1st Ed Core Set with 18 Data Packs, Creation & Control and Terminal Directive exps, set of Aurbit tokens (edition: English) (published: 2012) good
Ankh: Gods of Egypt Lot (Base Game; Pharaoh; Tomb of Wonders; Pantheon; Guardians, Playmat) (edition: English; Kickstarter) (published: 2021) excellent
Big City 20th Anniversary Edition (Kickstarter) with Urban Upgrade Expansion (edition: Kickstarter) (published: 2019) excellent
TV & Movie Bundle - Dune Imperium, Firefly: Fistful of Credits, Jaws, Jurassic Park: The Lost World good
Vast - The Fearsome Foes excellent
Vindication plus Myths & Legends and Guilds & Monuments expansions (published: 2018) excellent
Western Legends (edition: 1) (published: 2018) excellent

2:00 pm

Title Condition
Brass: Birmingham (edition: Deluxe/Kickstarter (inc. wooden insert and iron clays)) (published: 2018) excellent
Chicken Caesar excellent
City of Kings good
Colosseum (published: 2007) excellent
Eclipse plus Shadow of the Rift expansion (published: 2011, 2015) excellent
Escape Plan (edition: Includes Upgraded Kickstarter pieces) excellent
Fief plus 1429 expansion pack (published: 2014) excellent
Firefly + expansions (ships, bounty hunters etc) - no blue sun/kalidsa good
Freedom: Underground Railroad (edition: Retail version) (published: 2013) good
Glen More II: Chronicles (2019) - Includes Highland Expansion (edition: Highland Expansion is Kickstarter version) excellent
Hoplomachus (published: 2012) fair (box slightly creased, missing one cloth bag and one white 6 sided die)
Merchant's Cove + 3 Expansions (edition: 1) (published: 2016) excellent
Nemesis Lockdown w/stretch goals plus Aftermath, Carnomorph expansions, Untold Stories #1 & 2 (published: 2020) excellent
Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile (edition: First Edition) (published: 2020) excellent
Roads & Boats 20th Anniversary Edition (Includes &Cetera expansion) (edition: 20YR Anniversary Edition) fair (A cat has helpfully chewed two external corners of the box, which are a little unsightly but otherwise game is intact.)
Star Wars: Epic Duels (edition: English Edition) (published: 2002) good

3:00 pm

Title Condition
Altar Quest Kickstarter Edition with Kickstarter exclusives excellent
Arkham Horror Base game + four expansion packs + 22 card packs + return to the dunwich legacy + return to the night of the zealot excellent
burncycle w/BrassMag Figures Vol 1 & player aids (edition: Kickstarter Edition) (published: 2022) good
Casting Shadows (Exclusive Edition) (edition: KS Exclusive with Playmat Bundle) (published: 2022) good
Chimera Station - Deluxified (published: 2016) excellent
Claustrophobia (edition: First Edition) (published: 2009) good
Court of the Dead: Mourners Call (edition: Kickstarter Spirt Sleeve and exclusives) (published: 2019) excellent
Cryptic Explorers excellent
Summoner Wars Master Set + Summoner Wars Alliances excellent
The Emerald Flame (published: 2021) excellent
Trogdor!!: The Board Game (edition: English; Kickstarter) (published: 2019) excellent
Vinhos Deluxe Edition (edition: Deluxe Edition) excellent
Zombicide: Invader (edition: Includes Black Ops and Survivors of the Galaxy expansions) good

4:00 pm

Title Condition
Cthulhu Death May Die Kickstarter Edition (with dice, graphic novel, season 2, Kickstarter extras, and Black Goat) good
Defenders of the Realm plus expansions good
Eldritch horror (w/ Forsaken Lore; Mountains of Madness; & Strange Remnants) excellent
Final Girl All-In Gameplay Kickstarter Pledge, Seasons 1 & 2 (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
HEXplore It: Sands of Shurax w/ Return to Sands of Shurax & living card expansion excellent
Kapow! Volume 1 and 2 (and exclusives) (published: 2023) excellent
Lord of the Rings card game plus Khazad-dum expansion, Watcher in the Water pack, The Redhorn Gate pack (published: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2012) excellent
Mare Nostrum Empires plus Atlas expansion (published: 2016, 2016) excellent
Millennium Blades plus expansions excellent
Mountain King Kickstarter bundle (Hall of Mountain King and Fall of Mountain King) (edition: Kickstarter) excellent
Paperback Adventures plus all expansions (Damsel, Ex Machina, Plothook) and playmat. 2 expansions new in shrink. (edition: Kickstarter edition) excellent
Rum and Bones Bundle with expansions and inserts excellent
The Expanse boardgame (published: 2018) excellent
Too Many Bones: Unbreakable Hero Pledge and Complete Collection + Splice and Dice Bundle to include Trove Chest (edition: TMB: Complete Collection + S&D Bundle from KS and TMB Unbreakable Hero All New Gameplay Content just fulfilled and unopened) excellent
Undaunted: Stalingrad excellent

5:00 pm

Title Condition
Ankh Expansions: Tomb of Wonders, Pantheon and Pharaoh Expansion, Guardians Set, Divine Offerings Set, pantheon extras, sphinx excellent
Descent: Legends of the Dark (published: 2021) excellent
Eclipse 1st Ed bundle (edition: 1st) excellent
Life Siphon KS Edition (Includes Metal Pieces and Cloth Board Upgrades) (edition: Kickstarter) (published: 2019) excellent
Machina Arcana (edition: Kickstarter version - Premium edition never played) (published: 2020) excellent
Star Trek Ascendancy + Ferengi and Cardassian Expansions excellent
Star Wars Legion (published: 2018) excellent
The Others plus Omega Team, Beta Team, Lust, Greed, Wrath, Gluttony, Greed expansions (published: 2016) excellent
Xia Kickstarter edition with all expansions excellent

6:00 pm

Title Condition
Frosthaven (including solo scenarios and removable sticker set) (edition: Kickstarter edition) (published: 2022) excellent
Horizon: zero dawn w/ Sacred Land / Lawless Badlands / War Chief / Borderlands / Soldiers of the Sun / Forge & Hammer expansion (edition: Kickstarter Edition) (published: 2021) excellent
Nemesis: Lockdown & Kickstarter Stretch Goals (no expansions) excellent
Shadowrun Sprawl Ops Legendary (NIB) (edition: 1) (published: 2019) excellent
Spartacus w/The Serpents and the Wolf expansion and "Magnetius" promo card (published: 2012, 2013) excellent
The One Ring RPG Newest and previous versions. Rule books, box set, and a bunch of supplement books. Some still in shrink wrap. excellent
Twilight Imperium plus Shattered Empire expansion (edition: 3rd) (published: 2005, 2006) excellent