Bidder Information

Online bidder registration is now closed. You can still register for a bidder number in person at the auction.

When you arrive, please head to the check-in table at the back of the store to register, and we’ll provide you with your bidder card. This will be used during the live auction. You can check the schedule for live and sealed-bid auctions here.

The live auction will be held outside behind the store. Items are scheduled in 1-hour blocks. To bid, simply raise your bidder card so that the auctioneer can see your bidder number. Please keep your mask on at all times during this event, even when outside. If you need to eat or drink, or to remove your mask for any other reason, please move down the sidewalk away from the event until you are able to put your mask back on.

To alleviate crowding, we have decided not to hold a silent auction this year. Instead, all of the indoor auction items will be sealed-bid. To bid on any of these items, please neatly write your bidder number and your maximum bid on a slip and place it in the bag corresponding to the item. You may only place one bid per item, and the highest bid will win. (Ties will be resolved by a roll of the dice, of course.) Please move out of the sealed-bid area when you are done placing your bids to give others access to the bags.

We expect the weather to be nice, so please wait outside when you are not actively bidding or shopping indoors. Please make sure that you bring anything you need for your comfort outside, including sunscreen and water.

As each auction block finishes, please allow us some time to process all the bids and enter the winners into our system. Once the data is entered, auction results will be displayed on this website as well as on the TVs inside the store. Please wait to check out until results have been posted for all auctions in which you plan to bid. At that time, please head to the auction checkout table inside to have your winnings tallied, and then pay at either of the regular registers.

All sales of auction items are final. We encourage you to ask questions and inspect the games so you are satisfied with the condition before placing any bids. (You may carefully open and look inside any games that are not sealed.)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through this. We are hoping everything runs smoothly and safely, and we truly appreciate you doing your part to make that happen. Please talk to a Labyrinth staff member if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy bidding!